Our CEO Shodel W is so Grateful

I am so in love with our business and the opportunities that we have every day. I sincerely believe I have the best opportunity in the entire world. For an immigrant like myself that came to America 7 years ago with a master’s degree but no work experience and $400 in my pocket. To have an opportunity to learn a business, build in the business model and to be given a chance to franchise it and be where I am today, I believe I am so fortunate. Organic growth is the name of model. No caps on commission, and we get to represent the best product, in the best retailers with the best promotions.  WOW I believe I am lucky and fortunate. 

There are families and cities in other countries without running water, people are starving and killing each other just to survive and all I have to do is eat No’s all day and find 2-3 people that are mad at their provider or help them learn what we have to offer by making a 5 second friend, I believe I am so lucky. I love being in control, of my paycheck, how fast I grow and what happens every week. I believe I am so luck. 

Because I believe in what I do and who I am, people believe in what I do and who I am. People buy into what you believe not what your selling. What do you believe in? Where do you see yourself? What motivates you?