David Alvarado Rises to Account Executive

Written by Daniel Aceves

Sacramento Marketing is a marketing firm known for representing clients in Electronics, Satellite TV, Home Entertainment, Telecommunications, and Mobility. We are excited to announce the promotion of our newest Account Executive, David Alvarado. David attended Loyola High School in Los Angeles, where he played football for four years, and currently attends Indiana University where he is majoring in Marketing.

Before working at Sacramento Marketing, David says his most unusual job was working as a Cutco cutlery salesman. This job required that he scheduled appointments with potential clients in which he showed them a demo in hopes of selling the cutlery. David heard about Sacramento Marketing via LinkedIn and joined our team in June 2019. It took less than two months for David to receive a promotion and he largely attributes this to his great work ethic. When asked about what has been working for him, he said, “I always give everything my all and never stop pushing to grow no matter what the circumstances are around me.”

David balances his work and personal life by knowing when to step aside from work to focus on his personal life and managing his time well. He says Sacramento Marketing has helped him grow as a leader and develop his people skills through valuable work experience. David states that his biggest challenge is his natural shyness, but really pushes through it by taking himself out of his comfort zone in order to grow.

When asked what movie theme Sacramento Marketing would be turned into David said it would be an “underdog” movie theme because “when there’s an underdog you have to work extra hard and come together, and that’s exactly what this team does every day: works hard together.” Work, perseverance, and trust are the three words David chose to describe Sacramento Marketing. The most challenging aspect of working at Sacramento Marketing for David is maintaining a positive attitude when things aren’t going his way. However, David shared that he loves that Sacramento Marketing allows so much room for growth for each individual.

During his time with Sacramento Marketing, David has gained people skills along with developing his knowledge of how to run an office from real experience. If David could switch positions with anybody in the company, he says he would switch with Shodel because he is always aiming to be at the very top of everything he does. David’s advice to prospective candidates of Sacramento Marketing is to “buy into the team and work hard and everything will fall into place.” His proudest moment during his time with Sacramento Marketing is being promoted to Account Executive!