Veteran Owned & Operated Marketing Firm Seeks New Talent for 2018

Sacramento CA, March 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sacramento Marketing, a veteran owned and operated marketing firm in Sacramento, is making a splash, quickly becoming the regions highest performing firm. As success mounts, Director of Operations William Brindley looks to hire new talent for 2018.

Coming out of the busy fourth quarter holiday season, the firm wasted no time getting 2018 started off right rolling out two new major campaigns with several Fortune 100 clients. Numerous times in 2017, the Sacramento Marketing team was recognized as one of the highest performing offices in the region, launching four new locations in as many months.

Sacramento, a bedroom city to the Bay Area draws substantial talent from all cultures and backgrounds; young professional who have hit the glass ceiling in the stagnant Corporate America structure found in many companies in the Bay. Director of Sacramento Marketing, William Brindley explains how the company has been able to capitalize because of these massive corporations.

Brindley says, “Many of the companies and organizations throughout Sacramento and the Bay Area function on the ‘Corporate America’ structure and business model. We truly changed the game here in northern California. Sacramento Marketing does not hire executive level associates. We believe in providing a ‘growth from within’ structure. We provide the means, as our entry level associates provide the work ethic and the dedication to success.”

Brindley explains that he took notice to the fact that individuals seeking entry level positions were asked to have a minimum of two years of experience in a given field. He and the Sacramento Marketing team realized the frustrations surrounding those requirements and began utilizing a revolutionary education program to assist those individuals.

“My siblings and many others I knew growing up during the Great Recession of 2008 struggled to find jobs having too much education and little to no experience; not so here in Sacramento. We take people with the hunger and willingness to be a student and develop them into leaders and future managers,” says Brindley.

In the comprehensive management education program provided by Sacramento Marketing, individuals with little to no knowledge about marketing strategies, sales structures or business management can learn, through hands on training, how to successfully market a brand, develop others and acquire clients.

“Due to the incredible growth and productivity seen thus far,” Brindley explains, “we will continue to utilize and perfect the education program to continue pushing forward.”

Critics have taken notice of Sacramento Marketing and projections began pouring in during the fourth quarter. Sacramento Marketing is projected to acquire its next territory in the United States within just a few months and expand their Sacramento territory into additional locations by the end of the year.

In order to keep up with their client’s demands and meet the projections, Brindley and the Sacramento Marketing management staff have opened their doors for interviews. The company is seeking driven, competitive and team-oriented individuals to join their team by the end of April.
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