Employee Spotlight: Joslynn F.

My Name is Joslynn F. and I am from South Sacramento California. I attended Burbank High school which is also known more locally as 3500. In High school I transitioned from the Band geek to a hard working basketball player who showed much promise. From there I attended College of The Canyons Junior College where I excelled in my training and earned myself a full ride scholarship to Grand Canyon University where i graduated with a bachelor's degree in Sociology all while being one of the top three players on my team.

I left college with a desire to get into college recruiting/admissions, because education changed my life in the best way possible and I wanted to make sure other students had the same opportunity.I became a regional admissions recruiter for grand canyon for 2 years,before I was let go. I got into substitute teaching for awhile before I was offered the opportunity to help my brother run his business in Atlanta, Ga called Ivy’s Heavenly Cobbler.

This business being well known in the state of GA and on The travel channel for 2 years, so I jumped at the opportunity! That was a short lived venture, so I found myself back in a city that I viewed to be the worst place possible for financial growth or entrepreneurial gains. I took another job in higher education that was the worse possible fit for me, so I continued to look and I came across Sacramento Marketing.

After several other interviews within a 2 mile radius of this place all being marketing companies. I walk into this particular office, and it feels different then all the others. I began watching a video on the monitor of Shodel W. doing project uplift, and looking at the video of last years R&R trip the company took in Mexico. I instantly became engaged in what was offered here. I was hired after my second day interview and began training shortly after and I knew this was a sales job which I actually hate sales jobs so I knew I would have to change my perspective on this business in order to be successful, so I did.

Since being with Sacramento Marketing I learned that this is much more than a Sales Job. It is an opportunity to shift my quality of living and the standard of my family. I have heard many stories and now understand that this is the one business in which you really do have full control over your growth within a company that is well known for its reputation, product and management training.This is a place to learn and grow and I know my success will come from constant growth, and a willingness to push myself to and through limits. I am open to failing in this business because I have seen what failure does to those who overcome it and I am excited to see who I become on this journey to success.