Qualities of a Great Leader

The qualities of a great leader will differ depending on who you talk to. There is no right set of qualities or characteristics that every great leader possesses. However, here at Sacramento Marketing we believe that a great leader: creates an encouraging vision for the future, inspires people to believe in the vision, and successfully delivers the vision.

Here are some qualities we believe a great leader possesses:

  • Confidence

    It is very important to be confident in your decisions and commands as a leader. A confident leader will gain the respect and trust of their team.

  • Integrity

    Your integrity as a leader will determine the integrity of your team. If you possess integrity as a leader, then your team will follow.

  • Good Communication

    A leader's ability to communicate effectively fosters a strong relationship among team members and the leader. Good communication will help your team understand your goals and vision.

  • Passion

    In order to be a great leader, you must be passionate about what you are leading. Being passionate about your work will inspire passion among your team.

  • Innovation

    An innovative leader is always thinking of ways the team can improve. Innovation will make your team stand out from others. 

  • Ability to Delegate

    A leader's ability to delegate increases the efficiency of the team. Delegation also displays the confidence you have in your team, effectively increasing team morale.

  • Accountability

    A great leader must take accountability for the performance of the team, good or bad. An accountable leader helps the team stay on track when problems arise.

  • Inspirational

    Being inspiring as a leader helps your team stay focused on the vision. It also helps lift the spirits of team when morale is low.

  • Motivational

    A motivational leader gets the very best out of every person on their team, increasing the overall productivity of the team.

  • Positivity

    As a leader, it is important to keep the team environment positive. This will create less problems among the team and will keep everyone motivated to be successful.

We believe the qualities listed above make a strong foundation for being a great leader, but there is always room to improve and grow as a leader. A great leader is not defined by their own personal performance, but by the performance of the entire team they lead. "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader" - John Quincy Adams. Good luck!