Project Uplift

Recently, some of the Sacramento Marketing staff had an opportunity to give back to the community through volunteering, primarily with 2 local based non-profit organizations. Next Move, who helps homeless families to get back on their feet and into permanent, sustainable housing and Toys for Tots who gives toys to less fortunate kids during holidays.

People generally tend to take a lot of things for granted in their lives, most notably the basic staples that sustain us on a day to day basis – food, shelter and clothing. Its human nature for most of us to not regularly give thanks for the abundance of resources at our fingertips and the ability to lead comfortable lives.

Sacramento Marketing made the decision that as a company blessed with great people, quality customers and a bright future, we wanted to start a volunteering campaign, Project Uplift where we regularly give back to our community through volunteering with non-profit organizations that make a difference and have a positive impact on others throughout our region.

We will begin our journey by researching opportunities outlined through Hands On Sacramento, a non-profit organization that helps individuals, families and corporate and community groups find flexible volunteer opportunities at more than 400 service organizations and schools. We identified Next Move Sacramento as a great fit for our goal to make an immediate impact and signed up to work with their staff and other volunteers. We were all proud to donate our time and energy to help with their cause and look forward to engaging with other non-profits in the area for future volunteering opportunities.