Sacramento Marketing Takes on San Antonio 


Sacramento Marketing has seen major growth this past year and have huge projections for the rest of the fourth quarter. Recently 2 of our Corporate Trainers, Evelyn Vasquez and Miesha Hill had the opportunity to take a road trip to San Antonio, Texas, where they were trained in management positions and learned how to produce leads in different markets.

Evelyn has been with Sacramento Marketing since February of 2019. She was only with the company for a few short months before she was promoted to Corporate Trainer for in June. Evelyn shared how she believes road trips are a “huge growth and learning opportunity, and also a chance to network with others in business”. Evelyn was very grateful for the experience and everything she was able to learn, including how to train and develop new representatives, how to improve on conducting interviews, and how to overcome objections better when gathering leads. One of Evelyn's favorite moments from the trip was being able to have dinner with the Regional Consultant Joe Exckhart. Overall, she says that the experience really helped her gain a perspective on the opportunities for growth within this business and she is super excited for what the future holds!