Sacramento Marketing Inc Breaks Expansion Records in the Second Quarter of 2017

Sacramento Marketing Inc of Sacramento, California broke national records for expansion in the last six weeks, opening a total of five offices through out the nation. Director of Operations, Shodel Waites, explains how their premeditated approach became a catalyst for success this year.

The first of the five-part surge in expansion took place in California as Sacramento Marketing Inc assisted in the expansion of Joseph H. into Beaverton, Oregon. Soon after, Shodel's associate Sam J. took on a previously untouched market in Bend, Oregon. Following suit, three more associates, Gina M., Dajuan W., and Sam J., were presented with the opportunity to further their client's national reach into Portland, Vancouver and Sacramento.

As Sacramento Marketing Inc hit the ground running in the second quarter of the year, Shodel reflects on the growth thus far and outlines the focus for the company moving forward. "We were fortunate enough to have such a strong core of individuals in Sacrmento, when back to back markets became available we were able to capitalize. We knew going into these expansions that we could not sacrifice production in our headquarters office, so we put the pedal to the metal and continued to run a top ranking office here, while making huge strides nationally," Shodel explained.

Sacramento Marketing Inc Management team holds weekly meetings, outlining the future goals for the company as well as aligning a plan of action. Shodel explains, "The reason we have seen so much success in the last six weeks is because we did a lot of premeditated planning. We focused on the core of the company and developed individuals into the leaders of tomorrow. We plan to continue on that path in order to reach, and even exceed our goals for the end of the year."

By the end of 2017, the organization will boast 28 locations through out the nation, leaving Sacramento Marketing Inc in the spotlight as the fastest growing company in the state of California.

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