We Were Able to Adopt a Family for the Holidays!

Sacramento Marketing Inc had the opportunity to team up with the California Department of Social Services for the Adopt a Family Program. The Program matches up sponsor’s with underprivileged families. Sponsors are provided with the “adoptee’s” contact information along with their “wish list” of requested items. These items range from grocery items, clothing, gift certificates, or toy requests. Each year, this program is able to bring smiles to hundreds of needy families served by DPSS. In 2017, over 650 generous sponsors, provided 949 CalWORKs families gifts during the holiday season.

We were matched up with Shanetta Sander’s and her 3 young children who are 11 years old, 3 years old, and 18 months. There was nothing like hearing the joy in her voice when we first called her to let her know we would be sponsoring her family for Christmas this year. We donated over 30 items including a dinner basket and a gift card to the Sanders the family. This experience was something everyone in the office was able to contribute to and we are just so happy we were able to help in any way we can!