Sacramento Marketing Held Their First Ever Clothing Drive!

Sacramento Marketing Inc had their first ever clothing drive this Wednesday, October 24th. We here at Sacramento Marketing Inc believe giving back to the community is very important and we are glad we could do our part to help the community and the environment!

The fact of the matter is clothing consumption has nearly doubled in the past 15 years, and at the same time people are only using the clothing they buy for only half as long. This trend is resulting in a growing mountain of unwanted clothing that is being needlessly wasted. According to Planet Aid, the sad reality is that Americans still choose to throw away most of their old clothes, since it is the easier option and because they believe no one would want their old clothes. On average, people get rid of about 70 pounds of textiles each year, with 85 percent of these old or unwanted items ending up in garbage. That means we are collectively generating 16 million tons of clothing waste annually.

Here at Sacramento Marketing Inc we wanted to do our part to combat these statistics which is why we held a clothing drive between our employees, friends, and family. Dany My, our office admin shared how “it is important we do stuff like this as a company because it builds our relationships within the office while also helping our communities”!

We decided to partner with Savers for this project because their organization keeps more than 700 million pounds of used goods from landfills each year. Savers also helps more than 100 nonprofit organizations by purchasing donated goods from them, which provides a source of revenue to help supports their vital community programs and services. Savers also sells their unsold clothing to developing countries to help with their uplifting. We were able to gather over 100 pounds in clothing and we can’t wait to do it again next year!

Sacramento Marketing, Project Uplift is on the move with the River City Food Bank

Sacramento Marketing, Project Uplift is on the move with the River City Food Bank.The River CFB helps Sacramento residents avoid a downward spiral and work toward self-reliance by providing a short-term food supply when they are unable to meet basic living expenses.

Sacramento Marketing, is a company that prides themselves in our philanthropic ventures. Our project uplift program is about giving back to the community we are excited about our most recent donation to River City Food Bank.

As Sacramento’s oldest, continuously-serving food bank, their mission is to alleviate hunger in Sacramento County by providing healthy emergency food and other assistance, offering referrals and promoting self-sufficiency through a variety of programs. From seniors to children, from the homeless to the working poor, The food bank assist all struggling individuals and families in Sacramento County.

Sacramento Marketing Project Uplift Wounded Warrior Team Day Competition

Charity field day

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen…we are excited to announce that our Sacramento Marketing Team, in association with Project Uplift will be participating in a Organizational Team Charity Hungry Games Field Day event.

When: Tuesday, December 5th @ 9:30am

Where: Tustin Sports Park
             12850 Robinson Drive
             Tustin, CA 92782

What: Organizational Field Day/Competition

Everyone has been separated into 4 teams: Team Red, Team Blue, Team Purple and Team Green.

Each TEAM selected a team name and also picked a charity they would like to represent. This is a competition, so everyone from the teams will be wearing team colors!! Sacramento Marketing will be representing the Wounded Warrior Project. Raising awareness is just as important as raising money for these programs!!!

Team Captains are as follows:

Dewayne Long &  - Team Purple

Stephanie Aparicio & Billy Arevalo - Team Blue

Shodel Waites & Flo Smith - Team Red

Leigh Jackson & Ramon Casillas - Team Green

How It Works:

**We will ALL be pooling money that will go into one account

**All four teams will be competing in 8-10 events that morning - Some of these will require the entire team and some will only require some of the team. You will need to be sure to give different members on your team a chance to compete in the smaller events.

**For each event, you will be awarded points based on the place you finish in! For instance...

1st Place = 100 Points, 2nd Place = 75 Points, so on and so forth...

**At the end of the events, ALL of the money that had been raised will be split up and given to the teams' charities as follows:

1st Place = 50% of donations
2nd Place = 25% of donations
3rd Place = 15% of donations
4th Place = 10% of donations

We are really looking forward to all the fun & team building! Most importantly, we are excited about the charitable impact we will be able to have as an organization. Remember to wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty! I'm sure everyone is ready to compete, so let the race to raise money and the trash talking begin!!!

Project Uplift

Sacramento Marketing made the decision that as a company blessed with great people, quality customers and a bright future, we wanted to start a volunteering campaign, Project Uplift where we regularly give back to our community through volunteering with non-profit organizations that make a difference and have a positive impact on others throughout our region.

We were all proud to donate our time and energy to help with the cause and look forward to engaging with other non-profits in the area for future volunteering opportunities.

Meals on Wheels

Meals on wheels

Sacramento Marketing, is a company that prides themselves in our philanthropic ventures. Our project uplift program is about giving back to the community we are excited about our most recent donation to Meals on Wheels' Sacramento chapter.

According to the charity's website, their mission is to support senior independence through providing meals, shelter, education, and a community where they feel welcome and supported. The Meals on Wheels program is designed by nutritionists and are meant to assist seniors 60 years of age and above that are unable to prepare or afford their own meals. In Atlanta alone 200,000 meals are delivered annually and over 130 seniors are currently on a waiting list for the program.

The Sacramento Marketing team came together to donate a a lump sum to the cause, which equates to 6 weeks of home delivered meals for seniors in the Sacramento area. With our donation, the team was given hand written letters from seniors thanking them for their generosity.

"It was great to get those thank you notes," said Office Manager, Will Brindley, "When you donate, you know what cause the money is going to but sometimes you don't get to see how it directly affects the people that it's meant to help. The thank you notes were a wonderful surprise and I love that we got to indirectly communicate with the people that we helped."

The donation to the charity hit home for Director of Operations, Shodel Waites, who didn't really knew his grandparents, and really wanted to make an effort to give back to the elderly and their families. 
Since Waites and his brothers were both in school and his grandparents lived aboard before their passing, he was excited to give families a better option with the program. "Knowing that we are going to help other people was an awesome way to kick off the Football season. I hope that us donating inspires other companies to do the same," Waites. 

The Sacramento Marketing team is excited to start their season of giving and plan to donate to other local charities both during the holidays and into the next year.

To read about other charities Sacramento Marketing has supported and to learn more about their website, please visit

To learn more about Meals on Wheels and how to get involved, please visit their website at