Sacramento Marketing
Takes Over Redding

Sacramento Marketing inc is excited to announce their expansion into Redding, CA. CEO Shodel Waites announced that Market Manager, John England will be taking over and helping with the expansion into Redding. John started with Sacramento Marketing in March of 2018 as a Client Representative.

John attended Cal state Long Beach where he studied business economics. John was also a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity during his university days. In his free time John enjoys cooking and was actually a professional cook before joining Sacramento Marketing. After making the decision to take on a full-time position with Sacramento Marketing, John had then quickly been promoted to Corporate Trainer in April of 2018 and later seen another promotion in March of 2019 to Assistant Manager.

What attracted John to Sacramento Marketing family-like feel and positive atmosphere. He is excited to prepare launches with new clients and work with local community. Sacramento Marketing is more than excited for John to drive this opportunity and cannot wait to see the outcome of his expansion into Redding, CA.