Regional Leaders Meeting 2019

Some of our top performing representatives got invited to attend the Regional Leaders meeting this year. This meeting is something we look forward to every year because it gives recognition to the leaders in our business, while giving us the chance to network with some of the top performers in our organization. This year it was kept at the Hyatt Regency in Orange County.

The Regional SoCal leaders meeting is only 1 out 7 meetings kept every year across the country. Over 300 of the top representatives are invited. We had the pleasure of having 8 of our leaders attend the meeting this year. One of our representatives, Harris Siddiqi  thought it was great that he go to see the “ top performers in our organization go into depth about the fundamentals within our business” He went on to share how “it was a huge opportunity to network and link with people who could not only be potential future business partners but also help you get ahead in the organization”. What Harris said he mainly took away from the meeting was to “Set, goals, make structures, and be accountable”.

The meeting also had a surprise visit from one of our clients AT&T. They came to thank us for all of our hard work and share their goals for 2019. They also congratulated us for being able to expand from 12 Sam’s club to 589 in the span of 7 months. Some of the other speakers at this meeting included the local owners and managers and they impacted us on topics like team identity, training, and road trips. There were also 9 people promoted to managers which was a great thing to witness.

Overall the meeting was a success. We got to learn and observe a lot. We hope next year to be able to bring even more of our representatives with us and to continue performing great within our region.