R&R Recap

Kimberly Rochard is the executive assistant/ brand manager for Sacramento marketing Inc. This year was Kimberly’s first R&R experience. She was recently hired to take on the branding for the company and she was chosen to go on the trip for her expertise in the area. Her knowledge was a great asset for capturing the essence of the trip.

Since it was her first trip she had no idea what to expect and was blown away with the extent the company was willing to go to show their appreciation for their employees. From the moment you stepped into the hotel lobby you were welcomed with a huge intricate welcome sign. There were also the welcome packages including cute backpacks and fun sunglasses.

Kimberly shared how the hotel was more than she could ever expect, from the jacuzzi in the room overlooking the pool, to the endless restaurants promising all you can eat delicacies. It was not Kimberly’s first trip to the islands, but it was hands down her first time staying at a hotel such as this one. Each day promised something new, from atving, to snorkeling and spontaneous boat parties.

Even with all the fun excursions the hotel promised Kimberly’s favorite part of the trip had to be the opportunity to mingle with so many people from different levels of the company. The trip opened her eyes to how successful you can be in the company and how many opportunities there were to reach different heights. Kimberly hadn’t realized the company recognized people from all levels of the company for their hard work. It was watching people in her position receive awards that set her goals for 2019 to be one of those people and motivated her to work harder than ever.