R&R Recap

Ben Lopes is the director of our Sacramento division offices. This was Ben’s 2nd R&R trip but his first as a manager which created a whole different experience for him. Ben was chosen to go to this year’s R&R because of his hard work and dedication over the past year.  Ben said R&R was one of the best trips that he’s ever been on. It gave him time to hang out with the countless number of friends that he’s known over the past two years and worked with here.

Ben was happy that the trip gave him a chance to hang out at the beach and the pool and the chance to go on different excursions like riding on atv’s and going on a boat trip that included snorkeling.  Some of his favorite parts of the trip was the catered meals and all you can food and drinks that the Hard Rock Hotel offered us.

One of the main things Ben said this year’s trip did was open his eyes to the type of life he could live if he continued to work hard. It was inspiring to him to meet all the leaders in the organization and learn from everything they had to offer.  Ben said that overall the trip set his goals to consistently do better each and every day so that next year he can not only go again but also be an award winner and eventually be a speaker.