Employee Highlight - Zachary Trotter

My name is Zack Trotter I am a Client Representative here at Sacramento Marketing. I went to Palos Verdes high school where I played Water Polo. I went on to play D1 Water Polo at Pepperdine University where my major was Psychology.

-Before working at Sacrament Marketing Inc I had internships in multiple law offices. Being able to go to court and county jail with the defense attorney I was shadowing was very interesting.

-I first learned about Sacramento Marketing it on LinkedIN

-I balance my Career at Sacramento Marketing very easily. I enjoy my times off with friends and family. Working half shifts 930-3 or 3-830 really allows me freedom throughout the day to spend time with the people I want.

-Working at Sacramento Marketing has helped me to be more personable and comfortable with the uncomfortable. Prior to working here I never would have gone out of my way to talk to people. Now, I do it all the time even when not working.

-A lot of what is working for me is being a friendly person, smiling a lot, and really creating a relationship with the customer. I don’t want to be a sales person, I want to be their friend. Instead of selling the customer I try to help them save money and upgrade their lifestyle.

-One of my biggest challenges is definitely keeping my attitude. While playing in college we were taught to not lament and think only about the next play. It is the same thing in the store. Receiving a no, hurts but if I get stuck on that person, I won’t find the one yes that will turn my whole day around

-If I could pick on theme for Sacramento Marketing to be a book It would be pushing to find the diamond in the rough

-If I would switch jobs with any one in Sacrament Marketing it would be Dewayne Long, he is a national consultant and everyone within the business knows his name. I want my name to be known and people to look up to me and come to me for advice. He is also very successful and has a lifestyle people can only dream of obtaining.

-My advice for prospective candidates is to work hard, be a student, look at the positives rather than the negatives. It’s grind time.

-The 3 words I would use to describe Sacramento Marketing is Young, hungry, zealous

-The most challenging thing here at Sacramento Marketing is having to perform at my best day in and day out. When I was playing in college if I had an off day it was no biggie because I had 22 other teammates to rely on and help carry the team. In this business, how you perform is up to you

-What I like most about Sacramento Marketing is the competitive atmosphere we are all working in and the support from everyone in the office. Each person wants to do the most sales and beat the person above them. But when anyone does a sale or does well for the week, everyone gets behind them to support and learn from them

-What I have gained most since working here is the ability step out of my comfort zone in a professional environment and succeed as an individual letting my hard work speak for itself

-My proudest moment working here was hitting three sales my first day in the field. Then my third week being the rep with the most sales and beating my supervisor causing him to do push-ups in a full suit in the office