On the Road to Boston


Sacramento Marketing Inc is excited to jump into the New Year. They exceed their goals for 2019 and they can’t wait for what 2020 has in store. Sacramento Marketing Inc is not only known for their fast paced, energetic environment, but also for the many growth opportunities they provide their employees. Recently one of their employees, Ricardo Rivera Jr had the opportunity to travel to Boston, Massachusetts to observe and learn from their partners in that market. Ricardo has been with the company for a short 3 months and in that time frame he has not only got the opportunity to travel across the country but also was promoted to Account Executive because of his sales success and his ability to manage a team. Ricardo shared how he believes trips like these are important because you are able to see a different aspect of the business and get the opportunity to work with clients that are not in your home market. One of the things that Ricardo took from his road trip was that “Even if you’re working on a different coast, the people are the same, and it's the same service you’re providing” shared Ricardo. Ricardo overall had a lot of fun and learned a lot but said in the end, he did get a little homesick. Which is understandable after traveling to the other side of the country for the first time. This was the first road trip of many for Ricardo and we can not wait to see what all he accomplishes!