Rising Star- Julissa Barrios

I'm Julissa Barrios, a little about myself I attended Narbonne High School in Harbor City, CA. 
- On my free time I enjoy traveling through Southern California finding new adventures. I love to try new foods and finding the best restaurants around. 
- During the summer there's so much to do in Southern California but my personal tradition is going to the L.A. County Fair every year. 
- Before transitioning into Sacramento Marketing I worked for Mcdonald's which taught me a great deal about how to provide the best customer service. 
- I first learned about Sacramento Marketing through their website. I found interest in their endless growth opportunities.
- Sacramento Marketing has helped me in developing my career in numerous ways. For example, they taught me how to turn every situation into an opportunity for growth, networking, and self motivation.
- If I could pick on theme for Sacramento Marketing to be a book I would choose motivation and innovation. It would be book that inspires people to aim higher and achieve what they never imagine they could before.
- If I could switch my job with anyone else within Sacramento Marketing I would want to switch with Shodel Waites. I want to become a leader, motivator, and teacher for others.
- My advice for prospective candidates always keep that student mentality and never give up. Everyday here at Sacramento Marketing you learn something new. Every day is another opportunity and another day closer to your goal if you push yourself. 
- Three words I would use to describe Sacramento Marketing is: Opportunity; there are endless opportunities here at Sacramento Marketing for your career and for yourself as a person. Inspiring; here at Sacramento Marketing there are so many different people that teach you, motivate you, and inspire you to reach you goals. Fun; Sacarmento Marketing is not just a "job" it is something you wake up and enjoy doing. It is something you WANT to do and not something you feel you need do. 
- The most challenging thing here at Sacramento Marketing is not knowing where to begin. There are so many opportunities I want to jump in and be involve. There's so many possibilities here you don't know where to start!
- My proudest moment at Sacrament Marketing was making my first sale. Having that sense of accomplishment really pushed me and still pushes everyday. It made me grow and made me feel that I can achieve anything I want if I try my best.
- My role at Sacramento Marketing is help others. Help the company grow, help myself grow, and help satisfy customers. Sacramento Marketing is all about helping.