Employee Highlight - Tiare Gordon

My name is Tiare Tavake Gordon, and I am a corporate trainer here at Sacrament Marketing. I went to high school in San Francisco Where I developed my love or art, I still can paint realistic portraits and cities. I went to college at University of California, Sacramento where I was an accounting business major.

Before working at Sacramento Marketing Inc, I was an energy specialist for PG&E, I helped low income families upgrade electric and gas measures for free. I did door to door and helped people throughout Northern California.

I first learned about Sacramento Marketing on LinkedIn after realizing I wanted control of my own future after leaving corporate accounting, and I missed working and helping people.

I balance my career at Sacramento Marketing by update my family when I can but being fully committed means my team is my second family.

Sacramento Marketing has helped me in my career development by allowing me to become the mentor I always wanted to be, and now I get to control my own legacy learning through the management in training program as a future entrepreneur.

What’s working for me here at Sacramento Marketing is building relationships, great mentor ship, amazing products and big retail box stores to utilize.

Communication is my biggest challenge and ensuring to over communicate rather than under communicate with my team, owner, and other leaders and reps throughout the org.

If I could pick one theme for Sacramento Marketing to turn into a book or movie about the company it would be X Men.

I wouldn’t want to switch roles with anyone in Sacramento Marketing because I am happy where I am at and know I am on the path to be my best self.

The advice I have for prospective Sacramento Marketing candidates is to learn and grow by pushing yourselves to get comfortable being uncomfortable, build relationships, and realize that when you have total control, you will be free. Help others get to where they want to be, and you will gain more through genuine relationships.

The 3 words I would use to describe Sacramento Marketing are: Innovative, inspiring, growth and opportunity.

What I find the most challenging at Sacramento Marketing is Communication and time management.

What I like most about Sacramento Marketing the innovation and sense of urgency in growth, pushing people to be the best versions of themselves. The mentorship and networking we have is incredible with Lots of growth.

What I have gained from working at Sacramento Marketing is growth, and opportunity, great mentor, and a great team. Also, the opportunity to learn how to innovate, inspire, and profitability in running a people building people business.

My proudest moment at Sacramento Marketing was bringing my Sacramento team with me to the LA office to open us up to more opportunities!